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Water purification

Air Filteration

Soil Decontamination

Sewage Treatment

Waste Transformation

Energy Management

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Legend Environmental Solutions

The LEGEND philosophy is to provide effective solutions which improve our daily lives.

Legend is dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of clients in the areas of air and water purity.

Services include:
  • Sourcing
  • Liaison
  • Introduction
  • Translation
  • Itinerarising
  • Negotiation

With headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, Legend draws upon a network of companies and experts who offer innovative products and services.

Legend meets the needs of clients in Beijing, Tsingtao and Shanghai as well as here in the United Kingdom.

Established in 2011, Legend combined and collobrate of the field's best thinkers,experts, innovators and techogy and solutions.

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The emphasis is on the Environment: air purity for the individual, the home, the city and the factory.
Water purification for healthy drinking water throughout the countryside and cities.


Food testing, liquid testing and breath testing were the main innovations looked at by the Legend development team.
Energy resource exploration technology was successfully taken through the introductory stages into creating a working relationship.


LEGEND is incorporated in Scotland
Legend Info (UK Global) Co. Ltd
Company Number:   SC398405
Contact: Maggie Kang
All enquiries: